Sarah Street

Sarah has over 10 years HR experience with more than 5 years specializing in Human Resource Management. She has been responsible for working with Senior Leadership Teams to implement strategic HR initiatives. Her knowledge of different industries and regions allows her to adopt a best fit approach to HR initiatives and policy whilst still maintaining best practice.

During her tenure with Right Management, she has counselled professionals and individuals from various backgrounds who have been impacted by job change. She has facilitated them in moving more effectively into their next career by providing guidance during their transition.

Sarah draws on her vast HR experience to gain credibility with her candidates and build an instant rapport. She can be described as empathetic, patient, empowering, positive and highly approachable.

She is motivated by assisting individuals in their career transition, through providing her candidates with guidance to enable them to leverage on their unique strengths and interests, and to consider their long-term career goals. Sarah can identify the individual needs of her candidates and adopts a tailored approach to her individual coaching sessions. She empowers her candidates to take charge of their career direction, offering them guidance and support to ensure they have the confidence to overcome any challenges they may face along the way.