Mita Sahoo

Mita works with Mid to Senior Executives during their career transition by first helping to assess and analyse their career to identify key areas of strength, skills and major accomplishments. This generates a clear pathway to their next career goal.

While she has successfully coached numerous candidates through redeployment & career transition from wide range of professional backgrounds and from both national and multi-national companies, as well as facilitated large volume workshops to support companies with their outplacement plans, Mita now has over 5 years of market experience in transitioning candidates. Her approach is focused on being the guide and support to empower individuals to manage their career with competitive edge and achieve their exceptional best.

Mita is highly intuitive and quick to identify the blocks that may be preventing individuals from accessing their full career potential. She assists individuals create a clear vision for their future career and provides tools for the ongoing management of their career aspiration. Mita is comfortable in multiple coaching scenarios and can effectively deliver individual or group sessions, as well as speaking as a subject matter expert in larger audiences.